Below is a selection of reviews from our 2020 production, Anything Goes.

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“When the nearest you can get to negative criticism with a show is that the cast don’t take enough earned bows, you’re on to something good.” (Read Here)

All Edinburgh Theatre

“Though priding themselves as the oldest, and arguably accomplished amateur cast in the city, there’s very little, if anything, which Southern Light Opera do which conducts them in an amateurish light. From construct to outstanding dedication, talent to mirthful enthusiasm, there is nothing but solid professionalism by all on stage.” (Read Here)

Corr Blimey


“Vocal performances are strong throughout… There are some early nerves, a turn to starboard instead of port and some awkward lifts, but it’s ambitious and the big stage filling numbers dazzle.” (Read Here)

Edinburgh Guide

“The use of spacing on stage with the band being on the upper level of the SS American, where rooms below can be split and pulled down when necessary, and where items like drapes/disco balls drop down, created an adaptable and aesthetically pleasing set. This was stunning alongside the excellent colour schemes in the lighting and costumes in numbers like ‘Easy to Love’, ‘It’s De-Lovely’, and ‘Blow, Gabriel, Blow’.” (Read Here)

Young Perspective


“The sheer enthusiasm of the cast is infectious and the orchestra delivers with aplomb. The result is a thoroughly satisfying evening’s entertainment.” (Read Here)

The Wee Review